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We care about your car as much as you do…for auto repair in Nanaimo, Auto Check Automotive is conveniently located downtown. We are at 605 Bowen Road. 6 blocks west of Terminal Ave and Comox.

We Keep Your Car Young A Long Time

What’s new at the Zoo

Auto Check is now hiring! Since moving to our new location in 2012 we have seen a steady increase in business and we need to grow our team!

Apprentice Technician: Our apprentice Wes is now in his fourth year of school and it is time for us to acquire another Apprentice. The industry needs shops to support young technicians who are being taught the waves of the future and Auto Check is a great place to get your start! We offer competitive wages, benefits and an amazing team to work with. We have two and will soon have 3 certified red seal technicians to help with the learning process and offer what we believe to be the best equipment in the city (Mobile hydraulic press, 5 different scan tools, 2 scopes, ect). Auto Check is a wheel alignment and air conditioning specialty shop. Wheel alignment skills are an asset but not a requirement. Air conditioning knowledge is also an asset but we will provide in depth training on the job. After a short time with us you will be able to diagnose any type of engine driven air conditioning system as well as build custom AC hoses.

Shop Facilitator: Also known as a tower operator this is a unique position that requires an exceptionally organized person. Every day is different and things change by the minute. Our technicians sometimes have a heavy schedule and a parts delay or a late customer can have quite a snowball effect on time. Efficiency is key and we need your help. Completing vehicles 2 hours late is not the best way to keep our valued clients happy. Our shop facilitator needs to be a person that is a great communicator and can support the entire team. Previous Automotive knowledge is an asset but not a requirement. If you have the ability to maintain composure in a fast pace environment and understand efficiency, come see us and ask for Stefan.

Technician: We are currently looking for an Apprentice but if you are a certified technician looking for a place to call home come drop off a resume. Our main focus at Auto Check is ‘Team.’ If the right person was to show up that would mesh with our crew we would love to have you. Attitude is key and if we can make it easy on our front end staff, they can be more relaxed and spend more time, with our valued clients to provide the highest level of customer service.

Our Services

Air Conditioning Specialists

If you need the air conditioning in your car, truck or SUV repaired or serviced, you have come to the RIGHT place!

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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Our experienced technicians can perform a full range of maintenance and mechanical services:

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Wheel Alignment Specialists

Auto Check Automotive is able to offer 4 wheel alignments. We are operating a state of the art John Bean 3D alignment machine, on a 110” wheelbase hoist.

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Tires & Tire Repair

Getting new tires? We sell tires. Rotations or seasonal tire changeovers, no problem. We are able to service all of your tire needs.

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Government Inspection (CVI)

Government commercial vehicle inspections and out of province vehicles can be performed at our facility.

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Auto Clean Detailing

All details include: wash and wax exterior, vacuum and/or shampoo of interior, pet fur removal, stain removal, glass cleaned, dash and doors wiped and shined, tires cleaned and shined, sap removal, and most mold removal.

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In memory of

Thomas Lindenau

Four years ago, we were in need of a new apprentice. The gang at Auto Check is a close knit, smooth working team. We were very fortunate to find and hire Thomas into our fold. At the time we met, he was a 1st year heavy duty apprentice working in a camp in Alberta. His heart was on the Island and his passion was cars, so it did not take much to convince him to work with us in Nanaimo….

We Care About Our Customers

Our customers are what helps make Auto Check Automotive so outstanding. We really couldn’t do it without you!


A ‘ Service First ‘ Approach

We care about your car as much as you do…for auto repair in Nanaimo, Auto Check Automotive is conveniently located downtown. We are at 605 Bowen Road. 6 blocks west of Terminal Ave and Comox.

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