Here you will find some good information on an upcoming trend we have noticed for air conditioning leaks on late 2000’s Dodge Ram Pickups. We have seen several of these this year, and where we used to see allot of Dodge Ram evaporator core leaks, these have taken over. We hope you find this helpful.

  • This is a photo of an accumulator on a 2007 Dodge Ram pickup truck.It is located on the passenger side of the truck, near the firewall. Notice the discoloration or wet look around the top of the part. That’s refrigerant oil that has leaked out with the refrigerant. If the system has UV dye in it, which most do, a UV light will show up bright green here.

  • This photo shows what happens when the system is pressure tested with Nitrogen. Note the leak test soap showing several leaks caused by rust developing on the steel accumulator under the paint. A close look will show rust forming under the paint all over, including the pipes.

    This is also a common failure on older Ford Explorers and Rangers with the foam glued to the accumulator.

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