Nissan Pathfinder is shown here. These trucks have a known problem with the underbody pipes to the rear A/C that corrode and leak. These pipes run along the passengers side under an exhaust shield and along the frame rail. They rot out under the clamps. The local Nissan dealer wants to remove the body from the frame and replace the existing aluminum lines with new aluminum lines. I expect its a matter of short time before their new lines rot out and leak again. We change these aluminum lines to a thick barrier hose for a more permanent repair.

  • Here is a look at the underside of the Nissan Pathfinder. The air conditioning lines run underneath the exhaust and shields you can see there. They need to all come out. to access them.

  • Here is a look at the rear air conditioning lines now visible with the exhaust removed. The round rubber clamp around the A/C lines and heater lines is dripping refrigerant oil mixed with UV dye.

  • IMG_0029.JPGHere is a picture farther down the truck of another retaining clamp. You can see the UV dye and oil present on the clamp.

  • IMG_0031.JPGThis picture shows the heater pipes on the right side and the air conditioning pipes on the left. The A/C pipes go into a connecting block. (the oval shaped part) These blocks connect with the A/C lines under the rear seat that go to the rear evaporator. When we disconnect the block we will always find that it is badly corroded in the middle, so we will need to cut that out also. We will remove the rear seat to access these parts.

  • Here is that block fitting cut out. You can see some other pieces of rotten pipe to the right side.

  • The Nissan Pathfinder rear seat is removed and the carpet pulled up. The oval hole is where the block fitting went through. The rear lines are cut off.

  • Here is a different angle on the interior.

  • Here is a bunch of aluminum scrap cut out of the Nissan. Good riddance!

  • This picture shows 2 cut out pieces of the aluminum that were located under the clamps. This is common on all vehicles with aluminum lines like this. I have seen it on late model Ford Explorers and late model Mercedes also!

  • This is a picture of the new ferrule being welded into a good piece of pipe from the system. Our thick barrier hose will be crimped into it.

  • The barrier hose is crimped in at the front of the cab underside.

  • The rear of the truck underside now uses regular tube-O fittings crimped in. We wrap the hose with header heat wrap and strap it in. Ready to pressure test.

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