Chrysler 300 A/C Corroded Aluminum pipe fix

DSC01429.JPGThe Chrysler 300 is shown here. These cars have a known problem with the discharge and suction hoses that corrode and leak. These pipes run along the passengers side apron, on top of the frame rail. They rot out under the clamp at the rear and on others they rot at the side of the battery. We had this car in a few weeks ago and tried to buy the larger suction hose. It was back ordered to the USA forever and cost about $145.00 CDN.


DSC01431-2.JPGHere is a look at what the leak looks like with a nitrogen pressure test. No question where the leak is! The question is, how do we do a permanent repair?


DSC01433.JPGHere is what has caused the failure of the pipe. Corrosion builds up under the clamp and ate a hole through it. The wetness is the refrigerant oil and UV dye.


DSC01434.JPGA closer look at the rotten pipe.


DSC01435.JPGHere is a photo of the pipe with the rot cut out and a furrel welded in, and a new piece of special thick wall A/C hose ready to crimp in.


DSC01436.JPGThe other end of the hose assembly. Ready to crimp in.


DSC01439.JPGThe hose, crimped and installed at the compressor end. Total cost of rebuilding the hose with parts was approx $135.00