Our Auto Check Team

Auto Check Karen & Stefan smile 228.jpg

2018 brought a BIG change to the Auto Check team. Founder Ron Hovestad passed his baton to Stefan Kennett. As a Red Seal technician, Ford trained service advisor and with university business management training, Stefan is the perfect candidate to partner with Karen to keep this operation running well. Karen Hovestad has always had a keen interest in cars, has worked in auto sales and service, and has a Master's degree in Organizational Leadership. Together, they work to continually improve, keeping Auto Check on the cutting edge of automotive technology.

Effective October 1st, 2020 Karen has retired from daily working at Auto Check Automotive. Stefan Kennett is to be the primary contact and daily operative decision maker. Karen has been developing him for quite a few years; we have complete confidence in his ability to replace Karen at the big desk in the corner office. Now Karen can join Ron to have much some fun. I know she will miss so many of the wonderful customers, most so more like friends, but she has some BIG plans in her garden.


Jayne Hartwich.jpg

Jayne Hartwich joined our service team in 2016. She has been in the automotive industry for 17 years beginning in parts and equipment sales. Jayne excels at problem solving and has found her niche as a service advisor. In addition to being super mom to Jimi, she has been seen on stage singing and playing guitar but truly enjoys any opportunity to hit the green and swing her golf clubs when not on her motorcycle, go Jayne GO!


Dennis Eldstrom joined us in the heat of COVID-19. Oddly, his timing couldn’t have been better. The level of stress in an essential, pandemic-stuck business had been elevating at an alarming rate, then, along comes Mr. Chill. Dennis’ calm demeanour and brilliant sense of humour is a pleasure to be around.


Darren Colborne.jpg

Darren Colborne has recently returned to Auto Check and has found himself in a new role. After beating back the cancer bug, the future is bright. With a new office overseeing the shop, he is able to use his stern charm to keep operations marching forward and jobs on time. Additionally, he is excited to ‘keep things clean’ and is our newly appointed detail shop manager. Congratulations Darren! To help lighten this new load on his shoulders Darren has become quite a fisherman in his time off and often treats us to salmon delights… Welcome back indeed!


Paul Walton.JPG

Paul Walton joined the Auto Check team in the spring of 2013. Paul never shirks the tough stuff, he is a detail oriented, meticulous technician who loves a challenge. No job is too big or too dirty; head gaskets, timing chain and water pumps, engine rebuilds or replacement Paul does it all. After work he applies himself just as enthusiastically to life as he is focused on the job. He is a total "island guy" taking his family camping, fishing, boating, or skiing, pretty much anything outdoors, but most recently his son's BMX activity has been the priority.


Stefan Marschner.jpg

Stefan Marschner joined us in the spring of 2018. He grew up in Germany where he trained as an automotive technician. That may explain his focus on efficiency and precision. He then worked on heavy equipment in Korea. While his repertoire is very versatile, he is able to work on any type of car but is (oddly) fond of Subaru. He now loves living in Nanaimo with his wife and daughter. His serious demeanor hides a quirky sense of humour that we all enjoy.



Wes Cammiade grew up in Courtenay and joined the Auto Check team in 2018 at first on the front counter but now on the floor as our apprentice technician. While he thoroughly enjoys working on cars or trucks, he is also into motorcycles and spending time in the great outdoors. His super bubbly personality seems to really appeal to the ladies (gals of ALL ages.) We are pleased that Auto Check is the place Wes has chosen to work, learn, and complete his certification.


Scott Everingham is the newest member of the team and is fitting in quite nicely. His technical brain lends fresh insight on complicated problems and he enjoys tackling electrical problems. With previous experience working with an emissions centre in Pheonix, there seems to be no limit to his talent. In his spare time Scott enjoys playing music, his weapon of choice being an electric guitar that he crafted from the ground up! We are yet to hear him play it, but if it sounds half as good as it looks we are in for a treat.